The Theatre Tots books are fantastic and a great hit with my son. We love the simple but unique idea of adding actions and questions to the books that make them truely interactive, fun and are brilliant for emotional intelligence. We would highly recommend them as they bring a whole new experience to reading that is full of smiles. I will be ordering more for presents!
Helen Cunningham
Theatre Tots - Building confidence and creativity
Theatre Tots - What’s in the magic box today?
Theatre Tots - What can I be today
Theatre Tots - Imagination, music & character
Theatre Tots - Inspiring young minds

Welcome to Theatre Tots

Theatre Tots offers unique drama workshops, shows, weekly sessions, published books and parties for Early Years Foundation Stage and children with special educational needs (The Curtain Club). Our sessions are specially designed for the early years and focus on imagination, creativity and sensory work.

'Imagination for the everyday!' Our imaginations are unique to each of us. They help us to create worlds and people beyond our own realities. At Theatre Tots we work with our imaginations and everyday objects to transform anything into everything, promoting confident, creative and flexible young minds. And, of course we always make sure we have a ton of fun!

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Wed 1 Jul, 2015
China - We are proud to be sending 3 of our teachers to China in August to teach in our partner centre IBest Education. We hope they have an amazing time.
Wed 1 Jul, 2015
My life as a Theatre Tots’ facilitator by Hannah Parsonnage - What does a Theatre Tots’ facilitator do? In general, I deliver drama sessions and children’s party entertainment for 3 – 7 yr olds using the Theatre Tots’ original songs, exercises and stories What happens in a drama...
Mon 8 Jun, 2015
Welcome to my first blog! - Hello and welcome to my first blog! Having procrastinated about putting pen to paper for a long time I have at last been persuaded to provide a little insight into my life as a small business owner, writer, performer...


We thought the show was brilliant, both times! The actors weren’t at all phased by children who needed some support to focus which was great (staff always worry about the children not ‘behaving’ on special occasions!). The support staff both thought it was really good, and the children were glowing afterwards when they saw their mums and were able to talk to them about it.
Susanna King, Hatchum Nursery, New Cross