Laura Curnick is absolutely fab, we love her. We had an Ofsted inspector in and he said she was very charismatic and had all the children completely and totally engaged for all of the sessions. He was very impressed.
Mouse House Nursery, Clapham, London

Welcome to my first blog!


Hello and welcome to my first blog! Having procrastinated about putting pen to paper for a long time I have at last been persuaded to provide a little insight into my life as a small business owner, writer, performer and mother to 3 young children.

Life in our household is always busy. My three children and their endless activities ensure there is never a dull moment. Jack is my oldest who is 8, followed by Tobias who is 6 and then there is Sidney who is the latest addition to the family and who is just 7 months old. I am a bit outnumbered!

I started Theatre Tots 7 years ago. It all stemmed from my love of the performing arts and because I am passionate about the value of drama and what it can do for little people. I am delighted with how the business has grown, particularly with our branch in China and more recently in the United States and we are now planning to expand in the UK. Although running your own business is hard work it has allowed me to spend more time with my children as well as pursue my love of drama and education.

The summer months are always a really fun time for us both as a business and as a family. We are just about to finalise our summer programme which will feature some old favourites such as Excuse me Mrs Pardon as well as a new show called ‘The Lost Rainbow’, a story about Sid the shark & Dulcie the dolphin who are the best of friends and who embark on a musical adventure under the sea. Full details will shortly be available on our Facebook Page.

As a family the summer means plenty of trips to the park, picnics and beach days as well as our annual visit to Camp Bestival. For those who have not been, Camp Bestival is a British music festival for families with small children. I am particularly looking forward to the den building and last night fireworks. This year we will be returning with a new show 'The Mix up Muddle Bird' – a breakfast trilogy on every morning at 9.30am. If you have not been before I can definitely recommend it! For further details visit

I think that is my news for now. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I will be back with more of my life later in the summer!