Just to inform you Rachel is an asset to your company, she is an amazing teacher and has a passion for what she does. We absolutely love her and the energy she has, nothing is too much trouble and she genuinely cares about the children.
Cambridge Day Nursery, Ilford

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What We Offer


At Theatre Tots we have a strong belief in the value of drama as an essential means of developing children’s imagination, language skills and confidence. Drama, music and dance are inclusive and holistic, encouraging children to engage using their bodies and minds – whilst having lots of fun!

Theatre Tots Interactive Shows are specifically designed for Early Years foundation stage. They are flexible and adaptable. You can choose from our existing list of themes or we can design a bespoke workshop to fit in with the work you are doing in class. They may be a way of introducing a theme to your class, complementing a topic you are already exploring or they may round off a half or term’s work and be part of an event.
Our end of term SHOWS which can provide an intensive drama experience for a large number of children.

We believe that drama is particularly beneficial for children on the autistic spectrum and with speech and language delay. We run a  successful regular workshop for autistic children in conjunction with Lewisham Council and would be very happy to use our experience and expertise with schools and other councils. For schools in linguistically mixed areas we offer bilingual workshops as a way of introducing children to other languages.

Our Interactive Shows focus on the imagination, language development, social, physical and vocal awareness in a confidence building environment. We bring with us costumes, props and imagination ready for a fun, exciting and unique session.  This typically includes games, mimes and imitation, tongue twisters, costumes, stories, characters, sock puppets, props and songs.

We offer 1 hour or half / full day sessions at a competitive price with discounts for early, regular and repeat bookings. These can be one off or regular bookings, during the school day and after school. We specialise in the Early Years but can offer workshops to Years 1 and 2 if you would like to make a full day of it! We ask that there is a maximum of 30 children per session and can do as many sessions as you require and can fit in.

For children’s centres and nurseries we have programmes for the 0 -2’s as well so can cover all age ranges.  Parents and carers are very welcome and encouraged to join in the fun!

Click here for further information on Theatre Tots Interactive Shows.

Teacher Resource Packs

Our Teacher Resource Packs are specifically designed to support, complement and extend the themed workshops we run in schools.

The themes available at present are:

  • Pirates
  • Jungle
  • Circus
  • Round the World
  • Space
  • Witches and Wizards
  • Under the Sea
  • Dinosaur Christmas
  • Country and Western

Each theme has its own Teacher Resource Pack containing:

  • A transcript of the story used in the workshop.
  • The lyrics of the songs used in the workshop.
  • Follow-up activities for classroom use.
  • A CD of the story and songs used in the workshop.

For further information please contact us on: phone 0780 1072776 or email info@theatretots.com 


I was very impressed by the interactive and multi sensory elements of Theatre tots and this has led to developing sessions for children with Communication and Interaction needs in schools. We now have a very successful after school club, called the Curtain club running in one of our schools. We hope to roll this out further in the future.
Denise Gallagher - Lead Teacher for Communication & Interaction Team, Lewisham Inclusion Service
Laura Curnick is absolutely fab, we love her. We had an Ofsted inspector in and he said she was very charismatic and had all the children completely and totally engaged for all of the sessions. He was very impressed.
Mouse House Nursery, Clapham, London
Thank you for the inspiring and inspired people you have chosen to work with us; we all loved Matt and Naomi and we felt privileged to have had them on board at Cleve House. May their career be long and successful; may your business with children continue to be as inspiring as it has been for us.
Cleve House School, Bristol
I am so glad that we have found such a professional, imaginative and enthuastic company specifically aimed at EYFS - I will certainly be singing you praises to colleagues in other settings.
Woodbank School, Bury
I loved the day and the children loved it too! Andy and Matt were tremendous and they had the children at ease and joining in from the very beginning. I was amazed at what the children contributed and produced on the day. It fitted in perfectly with what we have been doing and it was a very worthwhile experience
Jenny Mcewan – Hermitage Primary school after their Make a tale today hooray day.