Imagination leads to flexibility. If we can be flexible thinkers we can problem solve and the world is our oyster.
Early Years specialist


Laura Sydonie

Hello and welcome to Theatre Tots!
I am the director and lead facilitator for Theatre Tots and proud Mum to my three boys.

I set up Theatre Tots Ltd in 2007 as I am passionate about drama for the early years age groups. The pre-school age is a wonderful time of discovery and imagination and I wanted to create sessions that would nurture and develop those things. The arrival of my first son inspired me to formalise my ideas into what is now Theatre Tots.
As well as Theatre Tots I am also a consultant for Bigfoot Arts Education. I facilitate all ages from 2 – 18 in areas such as behaviour management, creative learning, drama and music and have written several courses for them including their early years programme and their music programme. I have taught all over the UK, New York, Las Vegas, France and Australia. I am the only accredited teacher of the American Lugering Method and am currently working towards my MA in dramatherapy.
As an actress I have performed all around world including France, Australia , America , Turkey , Greece and Greece as well as London and all over the UK. Roles lead me from Georges Marvellous Medicine in Birmingham to Electra at Aspendos in Greece. From a year on a canal boat performing musicals to a year in green make up as Hazel McWitch in Rentaghost the Musical. And everything in between!
I look forward to see you in class soon!