I loved the day and the children loved it too! Andy and Matt were tremendous and they had the children at ease and joining in from the very beginning. I was amazed at what the children contributed and produced on the day. It fitted in perfectly with what we have been doing and it was a very worthwhile experience
Jenny Mcewan – Hermitage Primary school after their Make a tale today hooray day.

Weekly Classes

What do we get up to?

TTots066_0.jpgTheatre is a hard thing to imagine little people doing. Often we are asked ‘What can they do in a theatre class before they can speak or move?’. Hopefully the blurb below will answer a few questions but if not please feel free to email us and ask. No question is too small or too silly!

Theatre Tots is an opportunity to explore those early imaginations. In a baby the imagination starts with the senses – exploring the world through sight, sounds, taste, touch and smell. This develops all the time as babies start to move, vocalise and grow until they are the ones telling the stories to us. For us drama is accessible and inclusive – everyone can do it! Drama doesn’t need to be about becoming a performer, it can be about important life skillsconfidence, flexibility and imagination.

The class takes them through games, mimes and imitation, tongue twisters, costumes, stories, characters, puppets, props and songs. We work with a lot of everyday objects ensuring that the exercises in class can be easily repeated at home.
Our sessions are planned in line with the newly updated EYFS curriculum to ensure current and high standards of facilitation.

Themes change every 6 – 8 weeks and all the stories and songs are original. Our focus is the sessions and we do not work termly towards children’s performances in our weekly parent / carer sessions.

The focus is on creative play, imagination, social, physical and vocal awareness in a confidence-building environment. The sessions are closely linked to the early years foundation stage curriculum. Sessions are interactive and parents and carers are encouraged to join in the fun. Dressing up and silliness are very welcome!

What classes are available?


Theatre Babes (12 months and under)

A sensory exploration of our unique stories! These classes are sensory sessions using massage, props, stories and songs to stimulate our theatre babes! All activities are inspired by the world around us, making them easy for parents and carers to try at home.

Theatre Tots (1 – 2.5 years old)

Once little ones are up on their feet it’s time for more of a challenge! These sessions are more structured and get the tots used to following instructions and gentle social skills.

Theatre Tots Plus (2.5 – 4 year old)

And now we are ready for more focus on role play, communication and empathy – all key ingredients in story telling.

All the above classes are interactive and parents and carers are asked to join in. We like grown ups too!

Theatre Seekers (4 – 7 year old)

These sessions are for reception and year 1 age children. They still use their drama skills but this time to create a brand new story to explore and perform. These sessions are drop off. Find out more.

If you are unsure which session will suit your little one please chat to us. Our teachers will always advise when a tot is ready to move classes, the ages are only guide lines.

View our class timetable.